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Leotard care - Salco Sports Design

The following tips and guidelines should keep your leotards looking great for as long as possible.

Hand Wash

In order to preserve the life of your leotard for as along as possible, we recommend that it is hand washed.  The fabrics used to make leotards are delicate and metallic fabrics, in particular, will suffer dulling over a period of time, particularly with machine washing.

Use enough water to submerge the entire leotard.  Add a small amount of mild hand wash detergent.

Wash the leotard inside out.  Gently squeeze the soapy water through the leotard pressing the fabric between your hands. Do not scrub or rub the leotard fabric against itself.

Soak if needed.  If the leotard is very dirty, you may need to allow a few minutes for soaking.  The extra time under the soapy water will help loosen dirt or deodorant stains.

Rinse in clean water.  Do not wring the leotard.  Simply remove the excess water by gently squeezing the leotard with a dry towel.  Hang to dry.


Machine Wash

Wash separate to other garments.

Wash the leotard inside out, preferably in a protective washing machine bag.

Wash cold on a 'delicates/silk' programme, with a small amount of 'delicates' liquid detergent, if necessary.

Hang to dry.  



Do not use fabric conditioner.

Do not use bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not lay flat on direct heat.

Do not iron.