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Salco Sports Design is an online international supplier and manufacturer based in Worcestershire, supplying both men's and women's leotards for the gymnastics and dance communities.  Shop our huge range of leotards and accessories, which are designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK by our design team.

Salco Sports Design has been in operation for over 3 years and was foresight of Sally Price, a Gymnastics coach with 15 years experience in coaching boys, girls and pre-school recreational gymnastics.

At the time, Sally saw a requirement for eye-catching gymnastics leotards at an affordable price, and commenced making them, initially, for the gymnastics clubs that she was associated with.  The small cottage industry soon grew to what it is today.  Salco Sports Design has now found the need, as part of its continuing growth, to compete with the online market, but at the same time, staying true to its word of supplying a range of garments from the affordable to the bespoke competition garments.

All garments are manufactured from quality fabrics and threads sourced from around the world.

For any enquires please contact

Sally Price

Email: sales@salcosportsdesign.co.uk
Tel: 07505 003534